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We are dedicated to developing drugs and therapies that help deliver value to patients and societies

The information below represents our products currently available in Canada. Please note the product information on this site is intended for Canadian residents and healthcare practitioners only, and product labeling may vary from labeling in different countries.


Please find contacts below for further information relating to our products, including:


Medical Information

Telephone Number: 
+ 1 800 263 4218
For medical inquiries about our products, or to report a product quality complaint please contact


Report a Side Effect

Telephone Number:  
+1 800 263 4218
To report side effects to a LEO Pharma product, or safety issue, please contact


Contact LEO Pharma

Telephone Number:
+1 800 668 7234
For all other matters, please contact us by phone and select the appropriate option to direct your enquiry or send your comments electronically.

LEO Pharma Inc. is a proud member of the Health Products Stewardship Association, supporting the safe and effective collection and disposal of prescription medicine. By doing so, we prevent expired and used drugs from ending up in landfills and water supplies – to help safeguard patients, and the general public. For more information, please visit