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Funding Opportunities

LEO Pharma is committed to supporting the funding of activities that promote enhanced patient outcomes in Canada.  To ensure ethical partnerships, all Grants and Donations (GD) requests are carefully considered and reviewed by the GD committee and fully or partially awarded based on funding availability and consistency with LEO Pharma policy and Innovation Medicines Canada ethical practices.

As part of our global mission, we are committed to supporting initiatives that benefit Canadians in our core therapeutic areas of interest: Dermatology and Thrombosis. On an annual basis we allocate funds towards grants and donations with a goal to benefit the health care profession and patient communities in our therapeutic areas of interest.  Requests outside of these therapeutic areas will not be considered.


Funding awarded by LEO Pharma is never intended to induce, incentivize or reward past, current or future prescribing, purchasing, formulary inclusion or reimbursement of LEO Pharma products.


Further guidance on compliance in Grants and Donations can be found at


To submit your funding request, please select the relevant application form below.


Funding requests must be submitted 60 days prior to the Activity/Program date.  We will reach out to you with a response to your funding request based on the decision made by the GD Committee.   


Please note that the GD Committee operates independently of the Sales and Marketing departments.


A LEO Pharma employee is not permitted to solicit requests for funding, and no commitments can be extended to a potential recipient prior to approval.


If you have any questions about the process or your application, please contact




Click here to request a grant for an educational, practice or research project, or institutional fellowship

Note: for Investigator Initiated Studies (IIS), please contact us at




Click here if you are requesting a donation for a registered charity.

LEO Pharma supports select charities aligned with our mission to help people achieve healthy skin.