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Skin Infections


Skin infections are another condition that can have significant health effects. Common skin infections include:

  • Impetigo
    • Blisters or sores on the face, neck, hands or diaper area
    • Mostly affects children and infants
  • Erythrasma
    • Reddish-brown scaly patches, often on the groin, armpit and skin folds
  • Wounds or burns infected by bacteria or fungi
    • Bacterial infection may also trigger or worsen eczema and psoriasis


There are three main causes of skin infections: bacteria, fungi, and viruses. These organisms can enter the body when skin has been irritated or injured, such as eczema, cuts, or burns.


Depending on the cause of infection, bacterial skin infections may respond well to topical antibiotics. More severe cases may require systemic (tablet or injection) antibiotic treatment. Talk to your doctor to learn more about treatment options.